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Information technology improvement – Information Technology (IT) organizations almost always have more demands than they have capacity to deliver against those. To get achieve IT improvement (i.e., the IT capability performing even better), TSI can provide an outside, experienced perspective to improve IT performance based on years of experience.

Often we are asked to assess the processes, organization elements, and technology then make and implement recommendations for improvement. Our information technology consulting services have helped organizations with information technology departments as small as 10 to larger than 5,000. Our expert consultants have a blend of higher education and extensive experience with information technology services that help to deliver results that align strategy with institutional values while focusing on improving service quality, transparency and quality while striving to reduce costs.

Transforming Solutions is dedicated to helping college and university information technology organizations transform in a way that is scalable, transparent, and built upon an IT strategy to meet the needs of the whole institution. TSI’s expert consultants can assist with strategic planning efforts, IT governance services, information technology assessments, benchmarking, organizational structure evaluations, and maturity model development to help foster a culture of engagement and innovation.

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What We Do

TSI has worked with IT organizations at diverse institutions, including large research institutions, community colleges and liberal arts institutions. We have helped IT organizations solve some of the toughest and most complex challenges, like replacing legacy systems seamlessly, and handling operational inefficiencies. Our expert consultants are prepared to help your IT organization transform in the following areas: 

IT Strategy There has been a recent shift in the amount of attention and visibility that higher education IT organizations are receiving as a result of virtual learning and new technologies. A strong information technology strategy will incorporate the mission, vision, goals, and initiatives of the IT organization and the larger institution. The key to a strong IT strategy is continuous improvement and sustainability. Transforming Solutions will help your IT organization form a strategy rooted in continuous improvement by using new IT models and trends that align with your institution’s overall strategic plan. 

Business Intelligence TSI has a very deep understanding of the approach to take to assess and improve data and business intelligence practices. Our higher education consultants will help develop a consolidated data warehouse and business intelligence (BI) tool that would create a consistent security model across your institution.

Project and Program (or Transformation) Management Offices TSI has helped many organizations to create or enhance their internal project, program and transformation management office function.

We have our own tools, templates, techniques and training to add to or augment those you are already using. We have a pragmatic approach to help us make the gains that are most important to your organization.

Technology Assessment In collaboration with IT staff, TSI can advise on data architecture to show gaps between the current state and to map vision for future state architecture. Our consultants will develop a technology inventory to assess existing tools and applications. We will then recommend remediation measures and best practices to help move your business forward.

System Evaluation and Selection TSI performs dozens of vendor evaluations and technology assessments each year. As a vendor agnostic consulting firm, we help our clients unbiasedly select software vendors to replace their legacy systems with a system that meets their business needs. From developing a business case, to gathering functional and technical requirements, to vendor demonstrations and selection, TSI will facilitate each step of the process. 

Our Solutions

The following are the most frequent service areas we employ to help our Information Technology Services Constituents:

Our Top Rated Information Technology Consultants

Dan Feely

Karla Loebick

Emily VanZoest

Joe Lanasa

Our Clients’ Results

TSI worked with us to complete a strategic technology assessment, which included the difficult task of coordinating and articulating our vision and strategy for new technology. The project was a great success: they ensured that everyone participated in the process, that all voices were heard, and that deliverables were on-time and distributed to all participants for thoughtful feedback. On a day-to-day basis, TSI was enthusiastic and dedicated to our work, always demonstrating that our success is their success. They have acted as key advisors to me and as coaches for the entire project team. We so enjoyed working with the TSI team and hope to continue to do so in the future.

Sarah Barr
Sarah Barr
Senior Director, Analytics and Business Intelligence • The University of Chicago

Transforming Solutions, Inc. proved to be very adept in creating strategic and practical approaches to our complex improvement project. They gathered data efficiently and effectively, creating buy-in amongst our faculty and staff as they did so. Dan and Alan did this by spending a considerable amount of time on our campuses working directly with groups of our staff and faculty. Ultimately, TSI presented us with a detailed process map of our communications, identified key areas for productive improvement, and worked with us to tailor their final recommendations to our specific needs. The team of TSI does the job and does it well.

Pete Chidester
Pete Chidester
PhD • Eastern Arizona College

TSI staffs their project teams with high quality, knowledgeable, skilled, and dedicated individuals, assuring you that your initiative will be a success!

California State University – SLO

TSI joined the UF team at an important inflection point. We were in the very early stages of asking ourselves what ‘next’ looked like for our fundraising program and what technology ecosystem would be required to actualize it. Dan and his team led us through an extensive planning and preparation process that set us up for success in the implementation of our new CRM and the associated platforms. In the planning and preparation phase, we worked with Dan to develop visioning statements, create a roadmap, and secure funding.

Heather Greig
Heather Greig
Assistant Vice President • University of Florida Advancement

I really enjoyed working with TSI, particularly, I loved the way you ran the brainstorming sessions early on, which can sometimes be extremely disorganized if not done right. I respect and admire your ability and instinct to facilitate discussions and to tease out useful information. I believe your success is a result of natural ability, and lots of hard work and preparation. I’d love to stay connected and to serve as a resource if I can be of value to the things you do.

Information Technology Services Leader
Information Technology Services Leader
University of Illinois

FAQs about Information Technology Services

What does an information technology consultant do?

An information technology consultant will help your CIO, CTO, or IT organization transform in a way that is scalable and integrated to meet your business needs. We ensure that security, data, cost reduction, innovation, and culture are at the forefront of IT transformation.

Information technology Services consulting fees?

TSI will work with you to create a customized budget that meets your financial circumstances.

Can you provide information technology Consulting Services remotely?

Yes, TSI’s methodologies are flexible enough to facilitate remotely. Our consultants have experience facilitating virtual sessions with stakeholders and reviewing data and technology in a remote setting.

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